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May 2023



Glen is a lounge chair designed and built for the Pop 'Round Exhibition as part of Melbourne Design Week. The exhibition curated various furniture pieces from designers throughout Australia, with the aim of showcasing how reclaimed or recycled materials can be used to create high quality furniture.

It started with a piece of foam; For 30 years John has run an upholstery business on Glenlyon Road where he pulls apart old chairs, giving them a new foam seat and upholstery. When I went in to see what kind of off-cuts he had, he directed me to a pile of foam at the back of his workshop. These old foam pieces have been pulled out of chairs and would usually be taken by John to a foam disposal facility out north. John was happy for me to take some foam off his hands, which soon became the seat, leading the design to its current form. The smoked oak legs are off-cuts from the furniture manufacturing process, designed to accent the wool-blend fabric made from reclaimed yarn from the fashion industry.

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